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Introducing the AEO "Lifestyle" Neurological/Migraine glasses, designed to provide ultimate relief and protection for those suffering from neurological conditions and migraines. These high-quality glasses feature a durable metal frame and adjustable nose pads for a comfortable and customizable fit. The lenses are equipped with Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ultimate Solarized technology to shield your eyes from harmful blue light and provide soothing relief during migraine episodes. Whether you're at work, outdoors, or just relaxing at home, these glasses are crafted to offer maximum comfort and support for individuals with specific neurological needs. Say goodbye to painful light sensitivity and hello to a brighter, more comfortable future with AEO "Lifestyle" Neurological/Migraine glasses.

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ulitimate Solarized Lenses. 

Lense Width-56mm Bridge Distance-16mm Temple Lenght-145mm

AEO "Lifestyle" Neurological/Migraine


    Call (651)-454-7625 to custom order your Angel's Eyes lenses

    Call (651)-454-7625 to order, Thank you!

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