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Why Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 Solarized Lenses?

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41lenses are the leading technology in protective lenses today.  Made in Minnesota, USA.  Angel's Eyes' leading proprietary technology is founded on the theories of color diffusion, color diagnosticity and color boosting.  Angel's Eyes premium lenses give you high definition clarity, contrast, contour, color boost and the ultimate protection for your health from harmful blue light, UV-A,B and C light rays.   Each Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 lens is digitally surfaced, with a unique "blue" light-blocking, premium clarity base material. The base material absorbs harmful "high energy visible" (HEV) blue light, better than any other lens available. Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 (Heaven) lenses are designed to interact with and enhance the color-sensitive cones in the retina (Color Boosting), to give each patient an ultimate high definition vision experience (HDVE), while soothing your visual experience.  Angel's Eyes lenses are "Solarized" with a proprietary formula, with all the advantages of polarization and more, without the annoying visual affects of "old school" polarized technology, making them ideal for everyone...migraine sufferers, pilots, color blindness, fishing, gaming, LED screens, driving, sports, golf, skiing, snowmobiling and all around general heaven on earth! 
    Angel's Eyes can be custom ordered with the perfect amount of "Heaven," to balance light transmission for each patient's lifestyle needs.

Keep headaches, fatigue, stress, and eye spasms away for good!  Improve your life, office, recreational activities and health!
Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth!
Angel's Eyes lenses are proudly made in Minnesota, USA