Angel's Eyes

Why Angel's Eyes Blue-V Lenses?
Angel's Eyes Blue-V lenses are the leading technology in protective lenses today. Each Angel's Eyes Blue-V lens is digitally surfaced, with a unique "blue" light-blocking base material. The base material filters out harmful "high energy visible" (HEV) blue light. Angel's Eyes Blue-V (Heaven) lenses are designed to interact with and enhance the color-sensitive cones in the retina, to give each patient an ultimate high definition (HD) vision experience. "Regular," most all anti-reflective, allows more visible light to pass through the lens material, including the "unwanted" blue light spectrum. 
    Christian custom fits each Angel's Eyes patient, with the perfect amount of "Heaven," to balance light transmission for the patient's lifestyle needs. "Heaven" allows the perfect balance of "good" blue light to enter the eye without causing "blepharospasm." It is this Blepharospasming that triggers migraine headaches, fatigue, stress, and eye spasms. Christian suffered the pain of rare hemiplegic migraines with aura, which inspired him to develop "Heaven" in order to prevent Hell.
   Christian custom fits each Angel's Eyes patient by measuring for a wrap, vertex distance, pantoscopic/reteroscopic tilt, optical centers, base curves, index of refraction, and segment heights (Bifocal lenses). Optics and clarity (abbe value) are digitally surfaced to within 1/100th of a diopter. 
  Christian excels in the principles of refraction and the science of the electromagnetic spectrum. Christian is devoted to protecting the eye from harmful ultra-violet (UV) rays and blue (HEV) light while providing the best possible optics available. Christian is nationally certified with the American Board of Opticianry, a founding member of the Minnesota Opticians Society, and indeed....the Angel of Eyes!

* Angel's Eyes are proudly made in Minnesota USA*