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Angel's Eyes Solarized Sunglasses

Angel's Eyes Sunglasses have exclusive "solarized" technology that disperses, diffuses, balances and contours light on all planes without any annoying visual disturbances, unlike old school polarized lenses.  Yes Pilots...these are ideal for you and everyone who wants the best vision and health protection for their eyes.  Say goodbye to polarized and welcome to the new world of Angel's Eyes Solarized sunglasses...!


Angel's Eyes sunglasses are custom made for you!   We use the highest quality control in our ophthalmic lab.  Angel's Eyes sunglasses are made with crystal clear material, high energy vision (HEV) anti reflective on the front and backside of the lenses, blue light filtration, our signature Heaven filtration and super scratch resistance coating. Mirror coatings are available in subtle flash or solid mirror.  We can use our technology on any color lens you desire and even use your ophthalmic frame.  Angel's Eyes sunglasses protect your eyes from harmful UV rays 100% and blue light.  AEO sunglasses  balance the light entering your eyes for the clearest contrast, contour and light balancing available today.  Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth!   


Angel's Eyes sunglasses are for everyone! AEO gives you the best protection for your eyes, with the most amazing vision.  No matter what your lifestyle needs are, relax...we got you!  Heaven on Earth!



Every Angel's Eyes lens is Blue-V41"solarized" whether it is a sunglass, gaming, migraine or computer lens. All Angel's Eyes lenses use our exclusive solarization technology.  AEO solarized lenses block glare and reflection from the front and back side of the lens, on all planes.  Better than old school polarized lenses, with none of that visual disturbance from screens and windshields.  Hello pilots...Flying high, with Angel's Eyes!  

Our golf sunglasses are simply the best...get that competitive edge.  Read the green contours better than ever,  easily see the ball more clearly.  Gauran"teed" to knock five strokes off your game! Just kidding...or not!


OMG...ask anyone and they will tell you that Angel's Eyes sunsets are out of this world!  Truly indescribable...a few words come to mind, peace, tranquility, addicting.  You will experience Heaven on Earth with Angel's Eyes lenses!

Angel's Eyes signature "Heaven"...make sunsets look like this, out of sight.  Heaven on Earth, Angels Eyes Sunglasses. 

Fun in the sun... Classy and fabulous, Angel's Eyes unique lens appearance will get you noticed.  You will have all the protection you need for your eyes, though you might need security, lol




Snooo problem, we got you covered.  Angel's Eyes solarized lenses diffuse glare and reflection away from the eye in snow blinding conditions.

Sun, sleet, rain or're ready to go!  Angel's Eyes sunglasses balance the amount of visible light no matter what the conditions are.  Drive more safely with Angel's Eyes lenses.

fishing home_edited.jpg

Angel's Eyes lenses are manufactured in Minnesota,USA.  Minnesota is home to over 10,000 lakes and we love fishing. All Angel's Eyes lenses use our exclusive solarized technology.  Add solid mirror tint and your favorite color tint.'ll see the fish before it's landed.  Fish on...!

Angel's Eyes signature "Heaven"...make sunsets look like this, out of sight.  Heaven on Earth, Angels Eyes Sunglasses. 

Summer on the river...Summer time is boating season.  Angel's Eyes sunglasses with a solid mirror coating protects your eyes while on the water from glare, reflection and harmful sun rays.  Choose from signature "Heaven", grey, green or brown lenses.  Also available are flash and solid mirror coatings in blue, purple, silver and gold.  Hit it...!  

  Pilots...AEO lenses are solarized and work great in the cockpit without any visual disturbances.  Flying High with Angel's Eyes!


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Angel's Eyes Ophthalmics
Eagan MN, USA (651) 454-7625

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