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AEO Specializes in Migraine Lenses

Migraine...We feel your pain, please let us help!


Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth when you feel like Hell!

AEO is here to help...Please call (651) 454-7625 to custom order your Angel's Eyes for Migraine.

   Christian is a certified optician with the American Board of Opticianry and a Minnesota Opticians Society member. Christian has over 30 years of high-end experience, in the optometric health care industry, as an A.B.O. certified optician, ophthalmic technician, and manager.  Christian also has a background in Optical Design and Product Development with an emphasis on refraction and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Since the age of 8, Christian suffered from a rare form of debilitating "hemiplegic" migraines with aura, exasperated by "blue light." It was this life long confluence that inspired Christian to develop his Angel's Eyes lenses. Christian is devoted to patient care and is genuinely the Angel of Eyes.

     As a migraine sufferer myself...I  truly understand your pain and suffering.  I know first hand and feel your pain.  You are not alone, let me help you.  I'll never forget the horrified look on my mother's face, when I told her, "Mum, I'm not right!".  She replied, "What do you mean?".  I said, "I have pins and needles in half my face and in my left hand.  I can't I dying mum?!".   Shortly after I projectile vomited as she laid me to sleep. It was at that moment my mother knew I was cursed for mother suffered, too.  You see people try to understand, but, they just don't get it.  My family didn't get it.  My friends didn't get it.  My co-workers and employers surely didn't get it...even most of my doctors and neurologists didn't get it.  Sometimes I wished, just once, these people could experience a full blown hemiplegic migraine attack.  You see I felt so alone, isolated, embarrassed, humiliated and regretful.  I would try to hide and internalize my pain...I feel your pain!  We want to help you, please call our care team and we will personally custom design your eyewear for your lifestyle needs.

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 migraine lenses are designed specifically for migraine sufferers and photophobia.  AEO technology is exclusive to Angel's Eyes lenses.  AEO lenses block out 53% of blue light and allows only the purest light to reach the brains visual cortex, with the lowest amount of chromatic aberration.  Color distortion from polycarbonate lenses makes migraine aura worse.  Our Blue-V41 Solarization is state of the art migraine filtration.  Solarization protects the eye from migraine triggering blepharospasms and other harmful eye conditions.  Signature "Heaven" balances visible light, communicates with the color receptors in the eyes retina and soothes the visual cortex.  Our HEV anti reflective disperses glare and reflections away from the lens on all planes.  Solarization, color subtraction and pure materials make Angel's Eyes the leading lens for migraine sufferers.  Angel's Eyes...Heaven on earth, when you feel like hell! 


Why Angel's Eyes are the best lenses for your Migraine suffering...

Migraines are the most common cause of light sensitivity. Up to 80% of people who get them have photophobia along with their headaches. Many of those people are light sensitive even when they don't have a headache.  Angel's Eyes lenses are leading the industry in migraine and therapeutic lenses.

Other types of headaches can cause photophobia, too. People who get tension and cluster headaches also say they're uncomfortable around bright light.


A few brain conditions can cause photophobia, including:

  • Meningitis (swelling of the protective coverings of your brain and spinal cord)

  • Serious brain injury

  • Supranuclear palsy (a brain disorder that causes problems with balance, walking, and eye movement)

  • Tumors in your pituitary gland

Some eye diseases cause this symptom, including:

  • Dry eye

  • Uveitis (swelling of the inside of your eye)

  • Keratitis (swelling of your cornea, the clear layer that covers the colored part of your eye)

  • Iritis (swelling of the colored ring around your pupil)

  • Cataracts (cloudy coverings over the lenses of your eyes)

  • Corneal abrasion (a scratch on your cornea)

  • Conjunctivitis (inflammation of the conjunctiva, the clear tissue that sits over the white part of your eye)

  • Damage to your retina, the light-sensitive layer in the back of your eye

  • Blepharospasm (a condition that makes your eyelids close uncontrollably)

Photophobia may also affect some people who have these mental health conditions:

  • Agoraphobia (a fear of being in public places)

  • Anxiety

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Depression

  • Panic disorder

You can also get photophobia after you have LASIK or other surgery to fix vision problems.

Certain wavelengths of light -- like the blue light your computer and smartphone give off -- cause the most sensitivity.

Some medicines can also cause photophobia, including:



If you think you have photophobia, see your eye doctor. They'll ask about your symptoms and any medical conditions you have. Then they'll check the health of your eyes and possibly your brain.

Tests your doctor might use include:

  • Slit-lamp eye exam. They'll use a special microscope with a light to examine your eyes.

  • MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging.This uses powerful magnets and radio waves to make detailed pictures of your eyes.

  • Exam of the tear film. This checks the amount of tears you make to see if you have dry eyes.


Treatment-Abbe value is everything for migraine



(Polycarbonate Aberration Illustration)

The best way to ease photophobia is to treat the condition or stop taking the medicine that's causing it.

If you're still affected by it, Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 lenses may help. Some people have found relief from rose-colored lenses called FL-41.  Angel's Eyes lenses uses a proprietary modified Blue-V41 technology based on the theories of color diffusion, subtraction and diagnostsity, that prevents spasms in the eye caused by blue light(HEV) and communicates with the visual cortex of the brain.  AEO lenses balance the quality and spectrum of visible light that enters the eye.  We do this by communicating to the brain's visual cortex and using the highest quality optical materials and substrates which allows the perfect amount of pure light into the eye.  Abbe value is everything...Polycarbonate has 50% more chromatic aberration than CR-39.  AEO will never use polycarbonate...It's the worst material for migraine sufferers.  Why would any migraine lens manufacturer put you in a lens with chromatic aberration? Chromatic Aberration distorts the light entering the eye and exasperates migraine aura, triggers and spasms.  AEO uses CR-39 which has the highest abbe value, twice that of polycarbonate, the best light transmission and optics available. 

Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth when you feel like Hell! 

chromatic aberration_edited.jpg

Angel's Eyes Ophthalmic lenses are the #1 technology for migraine hell.
Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth so you won't feel like Hell!

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