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female model enjoying the warm summer rays with Angel's Eyes sunglasses on
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     Without Angel's Eyes                    With Angel's Eyes

male enjoying the summer rays with Amgel's Eyes sunglasses on

AEO inventors of Blue-V41 Solarized lenses...Experience Heaven on Earth!

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Angel's Eyes lenses are ideal for individuals that work

Computer and LED screens.  AEO Blue-V41 filters 53% of harmful blue light and soothes your eyes.   Irritating blue light is everywhere.  Protect your eyes with Angel's Eyes lenses!

Angel's Eyes lenses have the best blue light blocking technology making them ideal for screen usage

Gaming comes to life with Angel's Eyes HD solarized lenses.  Brilliant color contrast and balancing makes you feel like you've entered the screen.  All Angel's Eyes lenses come with our exclusive Blue-V41 technology.  Get in the game...AEO

Angel's Eyes lenses are the industries leaders in preventing migraines

Migraine and headaches,  AEO specializes in migraine lenses.  AEO exclusive Blue-V41 solarized headache filtration (Heaven) eases and prevents migraine pain.  Heaven on Earth...When you feel like hell!

With Angel's Eyes protective qualities they are great for outside sports

Golf...AEO Angel Ice mirror with solarized lenses will definitely enhance your golf game performance!  Guaran-teed to knock off five strokes, kidding or not! 

Angel's Eyes has the best HEV, Blue light and Ultra violet light protective properties

Fun in the sun!  Angel's Eyes Solarized Blue-V41 sunglasses are fabulous and classy.  People will notice the distinct quality of AEO lenses.  Available in Angle Ice flash and solid mirror coatings.  Solarized technology without any visual disturbances. 100% UV protection.  Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth! 

Sunset over beach of Maui with Angel's Eyes sunglasses on

Angel's Eyes lenses are perfect for driving in rain, sleet, snow and sun no matter what the light conditions are, you will 100% feel better driving in your Angel's Eyes.  AEO lenses balance the amount of light entering the eye in all weather conditions.  

Angel's Eyes lenses are better than polarized lenses when it comes to cutting glare out of water

If you like fishing, like we do in Minnesota with over 10,000 lakes...You will love Angel's Eyes!  See brilliant sunsets, flowers and fall colors like you've never seen before.  Truly...Heaven on Earth!   Available in signature heaven, grey, green and brown.  Angel Ice mirror coatings available in blue, silver and gold solid or flash.  Relax, you will see the fish before it's landed!

Angel's Eyes lenses are the best for everyday usage

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 Solarized lenses topped off with an Angel Ice solid mirror coating are ideal for water recreation.  100% UV protection, solarized and light reflective on all planes.  No visual disturbance.  Available in signature heaven, grey, green or brown.

Angel's Eyes lenses have the best anti reflective making them ideal for winter use when the sun is reflecting off of the snow

Snooo-problem, we got you covered!  Angel's Eyes lenses are perfect for snow blinding sunny days or cloudy snowing conditions.  C'mon, Angel's Eyes lenses are made in Minnesota.    

Angel's Eyes is made of the strongest material making them ideal for safety glasses

Safety...The protection concerning the health of your eyes is our mission.  That's why AEO invented Blue-V41 Solarized technology.  Our lens technology and commitment is exclusive, because we care.  We use Z87 approved Trivex lenses.  AEO Trivex safety lenses meet ANSI Z87 safety standards and high ballistic ratings. Trivex has better optics and holds up far better than less desirable poloycarbonate lenses. 

Angel's Eyes are ideal for piolets because they are solarized and not polarized

Flying High with Angel's Eyes.  Solarization makes AEO lenses the perfect choice for pilots.  AEO lenses reflect and disperse light on all planes, (pun intended) unlike old school polarized lenses which only reflect on one plane.  Say good bye to visual disturbance and hello to heaven on earth...Angel's Eyes! 

Blue-V41 Solarized Lenses

Leading Technology That's Out Of this World

 Blue-V41 Solarized technology is exclusively available from Angel's Eyes Ophthalmics

Angel's Eyes Lenses are Solarized advanced Blue-V41 technology, with all the advantages of polarization and more, minus the annoying visual disturbances of old school polarized lenses.  Angel's Eyes lenses are the only lens available on the market, with our proprietary solarized technology, to offer a combination of HEV (High Energy Vision) blue light protection, UV (Ultra Violet protection), AR (Anti Reflection), AEO modified FL-41X (Therapeutic Comfort/Headache), highest Abbe value for your prescription (58 in CR-39/Plano), superior light transmittance (99.9% CR-39 w/AR), topped off with the hardest scratch protection possible.  Angel's Eyes lenses are produced in our U.S.A. ophthalmic lab, with the highest quality control standards (ANSI American National Standards Institute), in a vacuum sealed, sterile environment.  Angel's Eyes lenses are cut, edged, surfaced, polished and custom balanced to precision specs, in accordance with ANSI standards and tolerances...Making them ideal for everyone on Earth who wants the best lens quality possible for all their lifestyle needs.

Angel's Eyes' leading proprietary lens technology is founded on the theories of color diffusion, color diagnosticity and color subtraction. Angel's Eyes lenses heighten the receptors in the eyes retina and stimulates the brain's visual cortex, resulting in high definition clarity, contour, contrast and color balancing.  AEO uses the highest quality materials, filters and substrates giving you the clearest vision possible.  AEO lenses have the highest rating of optical clarity and light transmittance.  Polycarbonate has the worst optical clarity and light transmittance (87%).  Polycarbonate lenses have 50% more chromatic aberration, less light to the eye, stress warping distortion, softest material and scratches more easily than any other optical material, making it the worst choice for your lenses.  Unfortunately, polycarbonate has a low cost of manufacturing, injection molded and stamped out of sheets, which makes it ideal for profit margins in the big box retail arena.  The majority are selling/marketing polycarbonate as the industry standard and making big money on huge profit margins, without giving the consumer all the essential facts of chromatic aberration, abbe values and light transmittance...The three most important properties of an optical lens.  


 Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 "Solarized" technology lenses protect the eye from harmful ultraviolet rays and high-energy visible blue light.  UV, HEV and Chromatic Aberration are the major causes of blurry vision, eye strain, fatigue, spasms, stress, headaches, anxiety, photokeratitis, macular degeneration, cataracts and cancer.  Unfortunately blue light protective lenses are not regulated by the FDA because they are not considered a medical device.  For this reason high end blue blocking lenses have been given a bad rap due to big box retailers selling and marketing "blue blocking" lenses that don't block enough harmful blue light, if any at all. Again, rubbish for profit at the expense of the consumer.  Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 lenses block 100% of UV and 53% of harmful blue light, giving our patients the ultimate protection, for the health of their eyes. 

 Angel's Eyes...Heaven on Earth!

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 lenses are proudly made in Minnesota, USA

Angel's Eyes would like to thank all of our Angels for their support and loyalty...Thank You Angels!!!
Angel's Eyes lenses are proudly made in Minnesota, USA
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