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Angel's Eyes' leading propietary technology is founded on the theories of color diffusion and color diagnositicity, which heightens the receptors in the brain, resulting in high definition clarity, contour, contrast and color boosting.


Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 "Solarized" technology lenses protect the eye better than any other lens from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays and high-energy visible (HEV) blue light.  UV and HEV are the major causes of eye strain, fatigue, spasms, stress, headaches, anxiety, photokeratitis, macular degeneration, cataracts and cancer...

Angel's Eyes are Solarized advanced technology, with all the advantages of polarization and more, minus the annoying visual disturbances of old school polarized lenses.  Making them ideal for pilots, water/snow sports, golfing, driving, LED displays, computer work, gaming and sun wear...Heaven on Earth, Angel's Eyes! 


Angel's Eyes for everyone...feel like "Heaven" today!


Computer use
Migraine sufferers
Driving, day and night
Artificial and Sunlight
Indoors and Outdoors
Hand held devices
Water Sports
Snow Sports
Flying (Pilots)
Color Blind Diffusion
Soothes stress and anxiety

   Christian is a certified optician with the American Board of Opticianry and a Minnesota Opticians Society member. Christian has over 30 years of high-end experience, in the optometric health care industry, as an A.B.O. certified optician, ophthalmic technician, and manager.  Christian also has a background in Optical Design and Product Development with an emphasis on refraction and the electromagnetic spectrum.  Since the age of 8, Christian suffered from a rare form of debilitating hemiplegic migraines with aura, exasperated by "blue light." It was this life long culmination that inspired Christian to develop his Angel's Eyes lenses. Christian is devoted to patient care and is genuinely the Angel of Eyes.

DR. Anthony Battaglia O.D.

These are my first pair of Angel Eyes and they certainly won’t be my last. I’ve owned my pair of Angel's Eyes for a year now and they have been an absolute blessing. It took my eyes about 10 minutes to adjust and from there everything I looked at was an incredibly mesmerizing glance. I wear them every time I drive, when I go to the beach and at car shows. These glasses have also seen me through tough times. When I had Covid-19, I was especially vulnerable to migraines, making it difficult to do things, like going to the Doctor or even something as little as going out on my patio for fresh air during isolation. With these Sunglasses and their Blue-V41 Solarized technology, I was able to accomplish those tasks with a little bit more ease. My favorite part about these sunglasses though, has to be their ability to tint them to a certain percentage. When I was buying my first pair, I honestly couldn’t choose which style I wanted! I would recommend Angel Eyes to everyone.



Madi Trent

These are hands down the BEST GLASSES IVE EVER USED. The blue light blocking technology is unlike any I’ve ever tried as well as the UV and sunlight blocking?! Are you kidding me. I was skeptical originally because the price is on the higher side but I promise these are well worth it. They have held up so well even with me throwing them around my car and purse. And it’s just a plus that it’s a locally owned small business! Highly recommend.

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Krystel Doffing

Buying a pair of Angel Eyes was one of my best investments. I’ve tried many different brands of sunglasses and none of them blocked the sunlight and I was constantly getting migraines. Angel Eyes have changed that for me, I no longer get migraine while driving because of the sun. They block out more sunlight then any other brand and I would highly recommend this brand to anyone who drives and easily gets bothered but the sunlight