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Introducing the AEO "Parrish" Neurological/Migraine glasses – specifically designed to provide relief for those suffering from neurological disorders and migraines. These stylish frames are made from tortes colored Acetate, offering both durability and a timeless look. The high quality hinges ensure a comfortable fit while providing long-lasting wear. The Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ulitimate Solarized Lenses work to reduce the impact of blue light, helping to alleviate symptoms and provide relief for those with sensitive eyes. Whether you're looking for a fashionable accessory or seeking relief from neurological ailments, the AEO "Parrish" glasses are the perfect solution. 

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ulitimate Solarized Lenses. 

lense Width-51mm Bridge Distance-20mm Temple Length-142mm 

AEO "Parrish" Neurological/Migraine


    Call (651)-454-7625 to custom order your Angel's Eyes lenses

    Call (651)-454-7625 to order, Thank you!

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