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Introducing the AEO "Irises" LED Screens/Gaming glasses, featuring Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ultimate Solarized Lenses for ultimate protection from harmful blue light. With a lense width of 49mm, bridge distance of 21mm, and temple length of 142mm, these glasses are designed for comfort and fit. The high quality acetate frames offer durability and style, while the blue blocking properties help reduce eye strain and improve sleep quality. Whether you're a dedicated gamer or spend long hours in front of LED screens, these glasses are a must-have for protecting your eyes. Elevate your gaming experience and take care of your vision with the AEO "Irises" LED Screens/Gaming glasses. 

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ulitimate Solarized Lenses 

Lense Width-49mm Bridge Distance-21mm Temple Length-142mm 

AEO "Irises" LED Screens/Gaming


    Call (651)-454-7625 to custom order your Angel's Eyes lenses

    Call (651)-454-7625 to order, Thank you!

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