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Introducing the AEO "Guernica" Neurological/Migraine glasses, crafted from high quality acetate for a durable and stylish frame. The double barrel hinge ensures a secure fit and long-lasting wear. Designed specifically for those suffering from neurological conditions and migraines, these glasses feature Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ultimate Solarized Lenses to provide superior protection and relief from light sensitivity and visual disturbances. Whether you're in need of a stylish everyday pair or a specific solution for neurological issues, the AEO "Guernica" glasses have got you covered. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to clear, comfortable vision with these specialized glasses. 

Angel's Eyes Blue-V41 HEV Ulitimate Solarized Lenses. 

Lense Width-49mm Bridge Distance-21mm Temple Length-142mm 

AEO "Guernica" Neurological/Migraine


    Call (651)-454-7625 to custom order your Angel's Eyes lenses

    Call (651)-454-7625 to order, Thank you!

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